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Create a Buzz about Your Brand

Social media marketing is an excellent way to create conversation and engagement with your brand. A Peak Marketing is equipped to help you exceed your business goals through social media. 

Services Overview

  • Goals / KPIs

  • Messaging

  • Content Pillars

  • Tone / Voice

  • Distribution Plan

  • Target Audience

  • Competitors

  • Trending Topic Research

  • Hashtags

  • Social Listening

Content Management
  • Copywriting

  • Graphics / Video Creation

  • Social Branding

  • Content Reviews

  • Scheduling

Community Engagement
  • Respond to Inquiries

  • Post in Relevant Groups

  • Actively Engage with Other Content / Accounts as Your Brand

Analytics & Reporting
  • Performance Monitoring

  • Share and Implement Insights

  • Weekly or Monthly Metrics Reports

Key Social Platforms

The social media channels we utilize in your social media marketing strategy will depend on your audience. Below are many of the platforms that our team can help you with.

83% of marketers believe the quality of social media posts is more important than the quantity.


64% of marketers plan to invest more in short-form video in 2022. 


85% of companies rank short-form videos as the most effective type of social media content in 2021.




I will learn about your business goals and how social media will contribute to those goals. I will learn about your current strategy, and what's working and not working. We will determine what your KPIs are and what a successful campaign will look like. I will devise and present you with a strategy to achieve your goals. Other things we will cover in the strategy is your distribution plan (what channels we're pushing content out on, frequency of posts), your brand voice (serious/professional, playful/creative, etc.), and accounts and posts that you like and don't like.



An effective social media strategy starts with research. I will research your target audience to figure out what types of content resonate with them and drive them to take the desired action. I will also research your competitors to see what they're doing, and what's most engaging with their followings. I will compile a repository of relevant hashtags to use in your content. I will gather ideas for hashtags from your content and company as well as search for new ideas on the various social media platforms and from other available tools.

Working on Laptop

Content Management

I will identify several core themes to focus on throughout your content plan based on your objectives. I will write and plan out content for you to review on an ongoing basis, and it will be easy for you to understand what is being posted when. I do not use tools to write content for me. Everything I produce is original content. I will create any graphics needed for posts and we will create a style guide for me to follow based on your company branding. I will schedule all content in advance so that our focus can remain on community engagement.


Community Engagement

I will manage your account and respond to any inquiries (comments, DMs, etc.) in a timely, professional manner. Community engagement goes beyond responding to comments though. I will devise and execute a strategy for outreach in relevant groups.

Networking Group
Discuss reports

Analytics & Reporting

Something many people don't do with social media is use their data to inform their strategy. I will continually monitor performance of posts and use those insights to shape upcoming content. Together we will decide what frequency of reporting you're interested in seeing, and I will provide you with


Your social media summit is within reach!

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