Eye-Catching Sites in Dallas, Texas

If eye were you, eye'd take a trip to Dallas sometime soon!

If you haven't noticed, eye'm using "eye" in place of "I" in this post. That's because one of the more popular attractions in Dallas is the giant eyeball. It's rather odd but it caught my attention and drew me in.

Okay, enough of the phrase "eye" for now...

I actually made it to Dallas in the evening on April 7th and was pretty tired from a long day of driving. I took a little time to relax when I got there while I figured out where I was going to eat a late dinner. I stayed in the middle of Downtown Dallas, so I wanted to find somewhere for dinner that was walkable to my hotel because I did not want to get back into my car.

A Night at The Statler

Two buildings over was The Statler which featured a rooftop restaurant and bar. Of course this is where I decided to go, and boy it did not disappoint. At first, I sat at a table along the perimeter of the rooftop and soaked up the amazing views of the city. A little while into basking in the lights, I had to move because those tables were for reservations (even though it wasn't marked) so I found myself a comfy spot on one of the inner couches. After a delicious meal and two drinks, I made my way home for the night because I was planning for an early morning.

Sunrise in the City

Since I was now two hours behind my normal schedule, an early sunrise actually didn't feel so early. I woke up and heavily contemplated not going to see the sunrise but I felt like it was just something I needed to do. I was on this roadtrip to see and do as much as I can (not overly exhausting myself to do it) and I knew I would regret laying in bed just because I didn't want to get out of bed yet.

I drove just outside of the city to Trinity Overlook Park. I had Googled the best places to see the sunrise, and this was on the list. From this vantage point and at this time of year, you can see the sunrise alongside Reunion Tower, an iconic landmark with 360-degree views of Dallas.

After sunrise, I drove back to my hotel so I had a free place to park my car, then set out on foot to venture around the city. I had picked out a few places I wanted to go to, put on some walking shoes (although I could have picked a comfier pair), and began a really long walk for about half the day.

I saw so much of Downtown Dallas - Thanks-Giving Square, the Giant Eyeball, Cancer Survivors Plaza, Pacific Plaza Park, West End Historic District, JFK Memorial Plaza, Old Red Museum, Reunion Tower, and Dallas Farmers Market.

I really only checked out a small area of Dallas since I walked to everything, so if I want to see more, I'm going to have to go back. There's so much more to see outside of the area I canvased.

Check out the full image gallery here.

Next stop: Carlsbad, NM!📍

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