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A Quick Stop in Little Rock, Arkansas

My first few days of the roadtrip had some long stretches of driving, so naturally I decided to break it up by stopping in a few destinations that I wasn't planning to stay the night in. One of those was Little Rock, Arkansas.

Knowing that I'd be sitting in a car for quite some time that day, I took a long, hard look at the map in Little Rock before hitting the road. This is honestly something I did most times before hitting the road to make sure I knew what the few can't-miss sites were in an area, and then map out what order to see them in.

Off to Pinnacle Mountain State Park

After waking up and hitting the road, I went straight to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. There was rain in the forecast, but luckily for me it was holding off. I wanted to go for a quick hike in the park, but decided to stick close to my car and check out the immediate area.

First up was walking around at the quarry. There were some hiking trails on the far side so I wandered a little ways but turned back around. Honestly the pictures do not do the colors of this quarry water justice. I guess you'll have to go check it out for yourself!

After making my way almost all the way back to the parking lot, I found a short trail that led to a view. Of course I took that trail! And Spring was a beautiful time of year to visit this park.

Next Stop: The Waterfront in North Little Rock

So far on my trip, I've not been near the ocean but I've been to a ton of waterfronts and bridges. And make that a couple more after Little Rock. I drove to and parked at The Junction Bridge then walked along the Arkansas River Trail to the other bridge, The Broadway Street Bridge. I walked halfway across then headed back to the Junction Bridge, where I also walked about halfway then back to my car to drive across the river. I wanted to check out the other side, including the shops at River Market, and I didn't want to walk all the way across because that meant I'd have to walk all the way back.

Next Up: Across the River in Little Rock

Now in the heart of Little Rock, I went onto the Junction Bridge from the other side and explored the River Market area. Before hitting the road to my next destination, I decided to actually sit down for lunch and relax for a little bit and had some delicious Mexican food at Diablos Tacos & Mezcalería.

Little Rock may have only been about a half day, but I saw so much and has way more going on that I thought. I didn't really know much about it before going, but I made the most of it while I could!

Check out the full image gallery here.

Next stop: Dallas, TX!📍