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Project/Account Manager at FiveFootTwo Marketing (Client: Andonix)

Project Management and Coordination | Client Communication

Starting mid-July 2021, I became the project manager for Andonix, a client of FiveFootTwo Marketing, and spend about 5-10 hours per week on this project.

During July and August, our team worked on marketing activities including email marketing and paid social media. Starting in September, the client hired an internal resource to take over marketing management so this moved in-house. During the time we did work in this area, I was responsible for ensuring that our external contractors were meeting deadlines and managed our tasks and timelines in our project management tool called Asana.

From the start of the project, we planned for a website refresh. I coordinated with the client for input and feedback through the design, development, and quality assurance phases. I also ensured that our external contractors understood their assignments and adhered to their deadlines, also managing tasks through Asana.

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