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Pinterest Content Strategy at MOSS

Content Strategy & Execution | Account Management

At MOSS Building & Design, part of my responsibility was managing our Pinterest account, including creating our content strategy and plan as well as executing on posting.

Biggest Accomplishment: I increased our monthly views from 45,000 to consistently over 300,000.

When I took over the account, I cleaned it up to showcase a more professional account. The former team posted to simply put content out versus showcase the amazing work we do, so I cleaned up our account to align with our goals.

At any given time, I had two months of content planned out. As more project pictures came in, I adjusted our plan. I demonstrated our variety of work in a clean, professional way.

While I did not write the content, I was responsible for planning when content would go out, coordinating with the content writer to get descriptions, and scheduling posts to go out at optimal times.

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