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Marketing Manager at FiveFootTwo Marketing (Client: SponsorUnited)

HubSpot Marketing Strategy & Execution

Starting mid-September 2021, I began taking over as marketing manager for SponsorUnited, a client of FiveFootTwo Marketing, and will be spending about 5-10 hours per week on this project going forward.

In phase one of this project, our team set the client up with their HubSpot account and trained the team on how to use the Marketing Hub. Starting in phase two (where I will be taking over as marketing manager), I will be finalizing the lead tracking process which includes the handoff from marketing to sales, creating the strategy for an email nurture program, setting up reports and dashboards for various stakeholders, and providing additional guidance for demand generation activities. So far, I have helped the client with fine-tuning workflows to deploy emails and understanding how videos work in marketing emails. I am also responsible for managing our technical HubSpot expert on this project.

As marketing manager, I am also responsible for managing client communication and setting up regular check-ins and performance reviews.

The client has added the Sales Hub to their HubSpot package, so our team will be meeting with the client to determine what support is needed from the sales side. They are currently using Salesforce as their CRM.

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