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Marketing Manager at FiveFootTwo Marketing (Client: nativeMsg)

Strategy for Social Media, LinkedIn Ads, Community Outreach, Content Planning, Email Marketing, and Bi-Weekly Demos.

Starting mid-July, I have worked about 15 hours per week for nativeMsg, a client of FiveFootTwo Marketing, as their marketing manager. In this role, I am responsible for creating the strategy for and managing the execution team for all marketing efforts.

Monthly Performance Recaps
On a monthly basis, I am collecting and analyzing data from our marketing efforts that have kicked-off and presenting insights to our client.

Social Media
As we began to kick off social media marketing for this client, I created a project brief that included direction for copy and creative for organic social media posts. Thinking about our target audience, I created 5-7 content pillars to use in our plan, key messages to incorporate, which social networks to use and frequency of posts for each, and tone to use in copy. Using this information, our social team created our first month of content, which I reviewed with the client. On a monthly basis, I am responsible for kicking off the next set of content creation and managing the client review process. Starting in September, I have created an incorporated a plan to include social stories.

LinkedIn Ads
To supplement our organic and earned efforts, I created a plan for one lead generation campaign with two sets of creative - an in-mailer ad and a sponsored post ad. The in-mailer ad is a personalized email-style ad that invites users to book 15 minutes to create their first conversational ad with our client's team. The sponsored post ad offers an ebook download.

Community Outreach
Social media goes beyond organic posting, and our client values that as part of their marketing plan. I created a strategy to join relevant groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Slack (and continuing to find additional outlets) to join, engage with other users, and post using our client's account. I reviewed what's being posted in the various groups and have written and shared messages educating users on what conversational ads are, offering a 15 minute ad creation session, and to join in on our bi-weekly demos.

Content Planning
Part of our overall strategy is to write blogs and share them as guest articles on various news sites with a focus on marketing and martech. While this has taken the back-burner, I did create the plan to write several blogs (and the outlines have been written) and found several outlets to share them as guest articles when we do publish them.

Email Marketing
To help move prospects through the marketing funnel, I have created a strategy to be implemented soon that will nurture potential customers who have expressed interest in our client's product. I mapped out the entire flow from entry to exit and what content will be shared at what stage. I will be pulling together our writer, designer, and email automation specialist to create the campaign.

Bi-Weekly Demos
In wanting to offer a less formal way to see the product in action, I devised a plan for bi-weekly demos that anyone can join and a promotion plan to obtain registrants through social media, email marketing, and community outreach. As of 10/3/21, we have conducted one demo.

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