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Instagram Content Manager at MOSS

End to End Account Management | Content Strategy | Engage with Followers | Create Stories and IGTV

At MOSS Building & Design, part of my role was managing our social media. I was responsible for our Instagram content plan and account management.

Biggest Accomplishment: I set a goal at the end of September 2020 to grow our following, and achieved 60% growth in six months.

Content Strategy
At any given time, I had the next two months of content planned out for our Instagram account. As new projects rolled in, I adjusted our plan. Our content ranged from sharing project pictures and blogs, creating engaging stories, sharing our video content through IGTV, and more. For stories, I created several before and afters, a new series called #FeatureProjectFriday where I showcased highlights of a project each week to kick off the weekend, and so many more ideas.

End to End Account Management
I was responsible for keeping up our profile, including swapping out our profile image when we had a special logo to showcase. I managed all engagements on posts and responded to DMs as they came in.

Project Gallery

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