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HubSpot Marketing and Sales Strategist at MOSS

Marketing & Sales Alignment | Marketing Automation | Sales Team Enablement

At MOSS, I was the primary HubSpot manager and worked to align our marketing and sales efforts.

For Marketing:
We utilized HubSpot for all of our marketing emails and landing pages. Whenever we had a campaign that needed a landing page, I was responsible for writing and designing the page. I was also responsible for writing and designing all marketing emails, with occasional writing support from our community relations managers as it related to specific home remodeling projects. After migrating our CRM into HubSpot, we no longer needed to upload lists, because all of our data was in one place. This made creating lists and audience segments very easy and we were able to easily identify who we wanted to target, why, and what behaviors were indicators.

I set up our marketing prospects pipeline for our leads manager to work towards scheduling an appointment with a salesperson. I set up automation that moved deals from the prospect pipeline to the sales pipeline when an appointment was scheduled.

Early in 2021, I led the migration of our website out of WordPress and into HubSpot. Along with the VP of Marketing, I helped decide on the design of the new website, the new sitemap and navigation, and the timeline to execute the migration. For migrating the project pages and blogs, I had to manually make sure the pages were correct - checking formatting, imagery, text, and more - for over 160 pages. The existing projects came over in their existing format, but new project pages used the slide functionality and the messaging aligned with our 5 core principles. We also created new website pages, which I was responsible for writing and designing in HubSpot, like the Good Works page - On this page, I added a form to facilitate the process for new community service project inquiries for our community relations team. We utilized an external contractor for some of the technical aspects like setting the project pages up as slides, so I managed our contractor relationship and all tasks assigned to that contractor.

For Sales:
When I joined the team, it had already been decided to migrate CRMs - from their Microsoft Access database to HubSpot. I led the effort to make the migration, which included understanding the data (what information needed to make it into the new system and what was no longer needed), setting up HubSpot properties to be properly mapped, cleaning up the data exports, and adding the data to HubSpot. As part of the property creation and mapping, I also updated the contact, company, and deal record views so that the sales team was able to easily access the information needed when and where they needed it.

Once the CRM migration was complete, we moved into setting up the sales team with pipelines, calendar integrations, meeting links, sales email templates and sequences, and all the tools needed to effectively and efficiently manage the entire sales process from within HubSpot. As we rolled out new parts of the tool to the sales team, I conducted trainings with each individual salesperson and was on-hand for any questions.

After the team got more and more comfortable with the tool and using it for the sales process, we were able to refine the pipeline to match the team's needs.

On the sales side, I set up several workflows for the team to alleviate deal movement and ensure accurate data population for certain properties. Different project types were assigned different lead values, so I set up a workflow that identified which project type was selected and filled in the lead value property with the corresponding amount.

To help document the sales process for the team and align the process with HubSpot, I met with sales leadership to set up playbooks for each stage of the process. Each playbook outlined what the stage was, its importance, and tasks to be completed at this stage of the process.

For Both Marketing & Sales:
When we needed a list set up, I was able to listen to what was needed and build active lists based on certain criteria. I created reports and dashboards for both marketing and sales leadership to see what is leading to success and where there is room for improvement. Whenever the need for a new workflow arose, I was able to think critically about the best way to set up the workflow and execute on setup.

NOTE: Unfortunately I do not have access to much of my work as the HubSpot specialist at MOSS to showcase.

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