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HubSpot Email Designer at AdoptMatch

HubSpot Email Template Redesign & Sales Email Template Creation

AdoptMatch initially reached out to have me redesign their HubSpot marketing email templates. They had recently migrated from MailChimp and were using the standard design that HubSpot uses for emails with a branded footer and their logo at the top. I used their website as the inspiration for the updated design, giving them a design that more closely aligns with their brand. This design features an orange curvy header with their logo, their branded cream color as the email background, and a structured signature with curves and all their essential information.

Once we completed the template design, AdoptMatch asked for continued marketing support. I consolidated and reformatted a three-page brochure into a two-page brochure, now able to be printed front and back. I have continued supporting their email marketing efforts by adding new copy into the updated template and adding sales emails as templates that can be used in the Sales Hub.

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