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HubSpot Audit for Paytient

HubSpot Database Audit | Email Content Audit | Audience Segmentation

I conducted an audit of Paytient’s HubSpot account. During the audit, I:
◦ Met with sales representatives to determine how they use HubSpot Sales Hub and what segmentation and lists are needed. I identified areas of opportunity for training.
◦ Determined which existing properties will be critical for segmentation, and any new ones that needed to be created.
◦ Looked into existing audience lists and provided a recommendation for new lists and the best way to
segment the database.
◦ Looked into missing information for regional segmentation and identified steps to correct.
◦ Provided findings and recommendations to the Paytient Team.

I reviewed the existing sales email content and provide recommendations to enhance the content. I provided findings and recommendations to the Paytient Team.

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