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Facebook Ads Manager and Marketing Services at AAWD

Facebook Ads | Social Media Strategy | Audience Refinement | Training

From mid-August and lasting through late October 2021, I have been providing marketing services to American Association of Women Dentists.

I helped the board of directors refine their target audience criteria and determine that they were actually looking for two separate Facebook Ads campaigns instead of one. I set up one Facebook Ads campaign with the goal of getting registrants for their upcoming annual workshop, which is a 2-part event. The initial budget for this campaign was $1800 for the course of the month and a half that the ad was slated to run, although after only two weeks, the client requested I turn off the campaign and use the rest of the unused budget towards the brand awareness campaign I was in the process of setting up. I shifted budget and then had over $2000 to use for a month and a half campaign focused on the top benefits of joining the organization as a member. I have been providing regular reporting of the campaign and suggestions to optimize the campaign. As of 10/3/21, there are over 6,100 people with ad recall (meaning if asked, they'd remember the ad after two days), over 328,000 impressions, and over 176,000 people reached.

I have also provided ideas for improvement for their social media strategy. I came up with additional content ideas that are manageable by their small, volunteer-based team but can have a great impact if executed.

Part of their package is training - the team wants to be able to create and run their own Facebook Ads campaigns after our agreement ends. I am working on setting up several trainings with them team to walk them through my processes.

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