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Email Marketing Manager at MOSS

Email Marketing Strategy and Execution

At MOSS, I was responsible for writing, designing, and deploying all of our HubSpot marketing emails, with occasional writing support from our community relations managers.

Campaign Emails:
When we ran campaigns, I planned out what the emails would be and what the timing would be to send them out. I designed the emails, tested in multiple clients, and set up HubSpot workflows to send the emails out based on user behavior and specific timing.

We managed both an internal and external newsletter - both of which I planned and managed. For the internal newsletter, I had to coordinate with multiple different stakeholders to get the information needed for the upcoming month, including updates from leadership. Prior to joining the team, the external newsletter slipped off the team's radar, so I brought this back and revamped it. It had become an afterthought and held very little information. I began to include open job postings, community events we were involved with, featured projects, featured videos, and more. Before my departure in March of 2020, I had planned out internal and external newsletters for the remainder of the calendar year, including all team assignments for who provided what information and when.

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