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Resources for the AAWD Team

Future Ad Campaign Considerations

  • Think about the marketing funnel - the current campaign is awareness-based. You can set up a retargeting campaign to those who experience ad recall with a message specifically calling out "Become A Member" using a consideration or conversion ad. This is where the Facebook Pixel comes in, because it lets Facebook know who made it to your website through this campaign, and those are the people you can retarget in a new campaign. You will need to set up a Website Custom Audience using the steps here.

Social Media Ideas

  • Keep it personal - You're getting more engagement on posts that feature people!

  • ENGAGE! - make sure you're engaging with your page posts, sharing your page posts, and commenting/liking posts as your page

  • Consider joining and participating in Facebook groups - like Dentistry or Facebook Young Dentists

  • Add in posts like tip of the week, member spotlights (if allowed), #MembershipBenefitsMonday or #MemberBenefitsMonday

  • Utilize hashtags on all Instagram posts - latest recommendation is 11 per post, however even just adding a few is helpful and boosts your reach

  • Spend some time finding and following women dentists on Instagram - takes time but is worth it

  • Use your 100 monthly LinkedIn follower invitations to grow your network

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